For Kith and Kin

I’ve been talking about my guild a lot lately and this post will be no exception. It truly is a great guild filled with wonderful people, but today I’d like to talk about my clan. My guild has four clans, they are similar to smaller guilds within a larger one. As I’ve mentioned before we are not an RP guild, but we are nerds who like to stick as close to Mandalorian lore as much as possible. Mandalorians have multiple clans that unite under one banner and one leader during times of war. We strove to be similar to that by dividing members into four clans — Lok, Fett, Vizsla, and Ordo. There are many, many other clans throughout Star Wars history, but it was decided to keep things simple and the numbers more balanced by only having four.

Not all of our members are in clans of course. We do highly encourage everyone to join a clan of their choosing because there are certain guild activities that are restricted to those in a clan, such as our weekly PVP tourney. One thing we tell those who express interest in joining a clan is to take their time and get to know the other members of the guild because each clan has their strength and weaknesses. They also have something they specialize in and sometimes run activities that are for clan members only. The clans also have their own colors and it’s encouraged, though not mandatory that members of the clans dye their clothes to fit their clan colors so we know at a glance which clan everyone is in.

I was part of the guild for a month before I joined a clan. I chose Ordo because Canderous Ordo is one of my favorite characters from Kotor. In our discord each clan has their own private chat channel where we can talk or set up an activity to do together. It’s a lot of fun to geek out with clan members about Star Wars or talk about what’s going on in our lives. In some ways it’s like being part of a small tightknit family within the large guild.

Clan Ordo’s colors are light and dark grey. At first I didn’t bother with the clan colors and wore whatever dyes I wanted, but as I saw more and more Ordo members running around in cool outfits that had been dyed to our colors I wanted to show my appreciation for the clan and create my own ensemble. It took me awhile to come up with an outfit I liked that went well with the light and dark grey dye. I didn’t want to pay millions of credits buying the most expensive pieces, so I tried to find armor that was inexpensive. I think my outfit cost around 30 million credits total by the time it was finished. I wanted my outfit to be as unique as possible and so far I believe I’ve succeeded since I haven’t seen anyone in the guild come close to a similar outfit.

Everyone who is in a clan has a friendly rivalry. We kid each other all the time about which clan is better. One of the things others find both amusing and slightly exasperating is that members of Ordo like to randomly chant “Ordo!” in the guild chat. Clan Lok has also come up with their own chant of “Lok and Load”. The other two clans have yet to come up with a permanent chant for themselves. Every now and then someone takes clan alliances too seriously, but for the most part we all get along no matter how dedicated we are to our clans.

There was a point when I seriously considered switching clans and joining Lok because they were struggling to get any members while Ordo had new people almost daily. In the end I didn’t because Lok managed to gain some popularity by advertising they would be running ops and pvp for their members. In many ways I’m glad I never switched clans because I’ve come to know a few individuals from Ordo and I enjoy talking to them. I’m probably not as active as I should be in clan activities, but I do like being part of the clan and whenever someone expresses an interest in joining one I’m quick to tell them the benefits.

–Chash Larol

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