New Guild Conquest Changes Coming

As the title says there will be new conquest changes coming to Swtor soon that will especially affect larger conquest guilds and to be honest I think these changes will be a good thing. On the forums it was announced that when a new character joins a guild there will be a grace period of a week before their conquest will contribute to a guild. They will still be able to make their personal conquest goals, but none of their points will go toward the guild until the week is up. This grace period will be per character. If someone already has a character in that guild the grace period will only apply to their new toon. The grace period will also apply to new guilds being formed.

The second change is that when a player is removed from the guild by the guild leadership, their conquest contributions to the guild will be removed as well. If, however; a character leaves the guild of their own accord their points will remain with the guild during that conquest week.

I know a lot of players have mixed feelings about these additional changes, but to be honest I think in the long run it will help other guilds close the gap between the larger guilds who crank out 250 plus million conquest points. It will especially help my guild out because even though we are a large guild and we have conquered a few planets, it’s pretty much guaranteed we will lose if we go up against any of the other large guilds or even any guild who happens to be ninja inviting a bunch of players. This week is a prime example. We picked Ilum, since the large guilds all went for the other yields and out of no where this other guild comes along and takes it away from us. Turns out this guild is well known on all servers, especially the Darth Malgus server as a scammer guild — the DSGC. We have been trying really hard this week to take Ilum back but every time we close the gap, they jump ahead by forty million points.
It’s frustrating and quite frankly rankles that we are losing to a scammer guild, but there isn’t much we can do at this point other than try our best.

My guild does a lot of recruiting, one of my jobs as an officer is to recruit at least once or twice a week so it may seem like we are one of those guilds who ninja invite, but the truth us we’re not. We have no requirements when it comes to conquest and we won’t kick anyone out of the guild if they don’t make conquest that week because we are aware that real life comes first. The only requirement we have is that people log in at least once a week so they don’t get kicked for inactivity. They don’t even have to play. They can simply log in to keep their place in the guild and then log out. If someone leaves an absent note on our discord to let us know they will be gone for a week or two we generally try not to kick them unless they are gone for a month or more. Lately, we’ve also been asking absentees to take screenshots of their current ranking so in the event we do kick them we can add them back to the guild with the proper ranking.

To be honest, we don’t rely that much on the new guild members we invite to help us with conquest. More often then not we get new players who have never played Swtor before so we’ll spend time answering their questions or direct them to Swtorista or Vulkk. If any of them ask how they can contribute to the guild in conquest points we tell them just playing the game helps. Obviously, we won’t be able to tell them that once the changes go into affect, but I think in some ways it will take the pressure off them as we all adjust to each other. Our top conquesters are usually people who’ve been in the guild for awhile anyway and stayed because they liked the atmosphere.

This will help prevent a lot of the other large guilds from exploiting their new members and quite frankly will cut down on the massive recruiting. I think a lot of guilds will still recruit as many people as they can, but at least none of the conquests points will go to them that week, which means that certain guilds can’t recruit late at night as a way to widen the gap between them and other guilds. That is something that quite frankly happens a lot and it’s especially frustrating for my guild. We work hard all day closing the gap between us and whichever guild is ahead of us and then we go to bed and wake up, only to discover that they went on a massive recruiting spree late at night and managed to amass a large amount of CQ. Neither I or the other recruiters are willing to stay up late at night just to employ this method and I personally find it slightly dishonest. I feel like if you have to resort to this method just to stay ahead, then you are taking the game way too seriously because in the end it is just that — a game.

Another thing this will stop is the guild hoppers. Guilds who are currently winning will go on massive recruiting sprees sure, though we can’t lay the blame entirely on them because a lot of players will join the guild currently winning as a way to get the ‘conqueror of’ titles that they don’t have yet and then leave the guild as soon as the planet is won. Because of this new one week grace period they won’t be able to get the title so there will be less incentive to guild hop.

The second change being made where guilds will lose CQ if the leadership removes players from the guild is also a good idea. There are many guilds that will use new members or even create new characters for themselves to rack up as many CQ as they can that week and then remove them once they get enough conquest out of them. Certain guilds on the Star Forge server especially do this by recruiting people and then removing them once they make conquest. Another method that is often used by bigger guilds is to have certain members that have 150% stronghold bonus run several toons through the story since you can accumulate a ton of CQ that way and then remove them from the guild and start over again. Having a one week grace period means that if they want to continue using that method they will have to store the toons into the guild for a week before they can use them thus taking up valuable space. It will also prevent them from removing members who didn’t make as much conquest as they wanted until possibly Tuesday if they don’t want to lose any points that week.

I’m sure eventually these guilds will find a work around that they can take advantage of and will continue to dominate the playing field, but at least they won’t be getting such high numbers via massive recruiting and it should help smaller guilds to close the gap a little between them and the larger guilds.

–Chash Larol

One thought on “New Guild Conquest Changes Coming

  1. Its first time hearing these changes, I recently resub and re-created a toon.

    These changes is good in my point of view, I have another toon that was invited from that guild and later on was kick out for not contributing conquest points, then got invited again on my other toon but I decline already after having a bad experience with them.

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