Companion Leveling Part 2

So a few months ago, I talked about how I spent a few days on Coruscant, building up Aric Jorgan’s affection level to thirty through gifts and sending him on missions. I’ve been continuing to level him up and the rest of my companions whenever I log into my trooper. Every time I gain a new companion, I’ve been taking them to the fleet to buy gifts and level them up to fifteen before sending them on crew missions. Jorgan has recently made it to level forty and everyone else is between level twenty and twenty-eight.

The results have been interesting. The difference in combat between Aric Jorgan and the rest of them is astounding. I never realized just how much better the companions are at fighting once they reach a certain level and I can only imagine what it will be like once I get them all to level fifty. It is hard work though. Since I’ve started this little project of mine, I’ve been constantly sending the companions on missions, which means that I’m always low on credits for that character. There have been a few times when I’ve had to stop sending them on missions and go do a bunch of heroics to build up my credits again. It’s a little frustrating how much of a credit sink it is just to level them up, but I’d rather not raid my legacy bank even if it would make things easier. I’ve also been trying to level up my companions on my BH, though that’s taking a little more time since I have so many companions.

My trooper has been continuing to progress in the main story and has reached Belsavis, which means I’m at the beginning of chapter 3. My goal is to have all of my companions leveled to fifty by the time I start Knights of the Fallen Empire. I still have a ways to go to get there since I have a couple planets to go to before the class story is finished, as well as Ilum, The Rise of the Hutt Cartel, and Shadow of Revan expansions. In spite of that given how long it has taken me to get Jorgan from level thirty to forty, I can’t help wondering if I would be able complete my side project if I continue going through the story uninterrupted. The answer seems unlikely. So I’ll probably end up taking a small break before starting Ilum to try leveling my companions a little more. I would like to enjoy all of them being at level fifty before I lose them.

Some day I’ll probably use the Commander Compendium to get future companions leveled, but I wanted to experience on at least one character what it would be like to get the original companions to fifty through crew skills. So far it has been an interesting experience albeit a very expensive one.

–Chash Larol

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