My Day of Crafting and Leveling Up Companion Affection

There are two things I’ve never done and that is get a companion to affection level fifty and max out a crafting skill. Whenever I play a new character and first arrive on Dromund Kaas or Coruscant, I’ll accept three crew skills and then make a half-hearted attempt at crafting before getting bored and moving on.

As for my companions, the highest level I have ever been with them was twenty-three and that was through natural progression of the story and giving them any companion gifts that drop.

I recently rolled another Trooper. This is my third time playing that story and I wanted to do things differently this time. I decided that before I finish Coruscant, I was going to get Aric Jorgan’s affection to thirty and then let story progression take care of the rest to get him to fifty. I also wanted to make a sizable dent in my armormech crafting while I was at it.

The first thing I did when I reached Coruscant was buy enough companion gifts from the vendor to get Jorgan to level ten so that he would be somewhat proficient in gathering the materials I needed. After that I went through the tedious process of sending him on scavenging and underworld trading missions. Since I’m not using Nico Okarr, Shae Vizla, or Paxton Rall at all during the story until I get to the expansions, it was just him on the missions.

At first I only sent him on a few missions and then I would craft when I had enough materials to make an armor set and put it on the GTN. I figured crafting items would help pay for the missions to level up his affection. After nearly two days of this with him barely at fifteen, I knew I would have to speed up the process or I would definitely get bored with this side project of mine. So I dipped into the legacy bank and bought more companion gifts at the vendor to get him to level twenty. After that I kept sending him on missions.

During this time I would go AFK to do other stuff and caught up on some much needed reading. Doing this for several hours, I was able to raise his affection to level twenty-six and made a good number of outfits that I’ll probably put on the GTN sometime. After that I sent him to go get a few companion gifts and then bought the rest to get him to level thirty.

After spending nearly an entire day doing nothing except crafting, I went ahead and did some of the story missions and was floored by how tough Aric Jorgan was on tank. The first few planets are the easiest to do, but with Jorgan tanking he practically mopped the floor with the bad guys. I barely did anything. I probably should have stopped at twenty with him.

I don’t know if I’ll do this with the rest of the trooper’s companions. It would be nice to have all the companions at fifty by the time I finish chapter three, but it will probably depend on whether I’m willing to go through all that again.

It was an interesting experiment at least and if I like the results of having Jorgan at fifty, I might be persuaded to do the same with the rest of the companions.


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