Experimenting As A GM

Last year my siblings and I made a guild for ourselves. At first we made it because we were tired of random people sending us guild invites (this was before we found out about the auto decline) and we also wanted to figure out how guilds worked. Eventually it became a place holder for our alts, especially after I joined the Mandalorians and stopped playing most of the toons in our guild.

When I started taking an interest in making conquest every week for the Mandalorians, I became curious about the inner workings of running a guild and what all that entails. Since I’m guildmaster of our guild, I figured why not experiment. The first thing I learned is that it is an expensive upkeep. I’ve been able to amass a good stack of credits on one character so I put a bunch of credits into my legacy bank and used it first to buy a guild bank and then a flagship.

My sister has difficulties getting around the fleet whenever she needs to access something from her legacy storage/cargo bay, so I went ahead and bought those things along with a guild bank and GTN to put in our flagship, that way my siblings could access all those things without having to go to the fleet. It also helps make our flagship look less empty. I’m in no hurry to unlock the other rooms on the flagship to get as many perks as possible. For now the two perk slots provided are enough for the three of us.

Also as an experiment, I went ahead and invaded our first planet because I wanted to see if we could reach the 500k goal without killing ourselves and more importantly — to see if I could handle making conquest for three different guilds. I have two characters in the Mandalorians and one toon on our sister light side guild, plus the two in mine and my siblings guild. Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought it would be. The new conquest system no doubt helped with that. I focused on our guild first and my sister and I were able to reach our goal in a day and a half. Afterwards, we discussed ways we could make it faster, including doing rampage together or just being in a group even if we weren’t playing together, but a day and a half is still not bad.

We’ve already decided we won’t be invading a planet on our guild every week. The Mandalorians are very casual as I’ve mentioned before, but sometimes they take conquest seriously and at least try to make first place on the leaderboard. Whenever that happens I won’t be invading a planet with our flagship and there will no doubt be other times when we want to take a break.

My sister and I have discussed the possibility of opening our guild up for others, especially since a few people on the fleet have seen the name of our guild and expressed an interest in joining. There is one guy in particular who is very much interested in joining us because he’s a big fan of KOTOR. We may have taken some inspiration from the game when coming up with our guild name. However, I decided we should wait on that for awhile since I’m still trying to figure out everything I need to know about running a guild. And truthfully, I also don’t want to just invite anyone to the guild like the Mandalorians do. We have some great people in the guild, but every now and then a few will come along and cause trouble until they are either removed from the guild or leave of their own accord.

I know some guilds out there require a person to fill out an application before they can join as well as have a week long trial period to determine if they’re a good fit for the guild. My sister is not too keen on the idea of us making others fill out an application. She thinks that will give us a bad reputation as elitists, all though she’s not against a trial period. Until we can determine the best way to allow people into our guild and until I’m confident enough that I know what I’m doing, we probably won’t be opening up the guild anytime soon.

There are other things to consider, like do I even want the responsibility of running a guild? I do have some experience being in charge of a group since I’ve done it before. There was this website called Shelfari, it was similar to Goodreads until Amazon bought it out and then closed the site down. Before then, I ran a Percy Jackson rpg group on Shelfari for a few years and it was a lot of work keeping it together, coming up with role play scenes, and generally maintaining the group. It was a lot of fun and I have some good memories from that, but there were times when I was exhausted from running it. From the look of things being GM of a guild will be slightly harder and more work will be involved.

There’s also the Mandalorians to consider. If we were to open our guild up that would mean either leaving the Mandalorians or only having one toon in the guild so I could dedicate most of my time running our guild. I was also recently promoted to officer so I have certain responsibilities toward them now. It’s a lot to consider and I think it’s safe to say we probably won’t open up the guild until we’re absolutely ready to do so — if ever. It’s definitely something my siblings and I will be discussing as we weight the pros and cons and determine where to go from here. In the meantime, I think we’re all just enjoying having a flagship of our own and having our own little hang out.

–Chash Larol

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