The Dark Descent

*Minor spoilers for the new flashpoint

Swtor has recently come out with a new story, The Dark Descent and Galactic Seasons. For now I’m reserving judgment on how I feel about the new Galactic Seasons until I experience it a bit more since I’ve never participated in something like it before. Some of my guildies have said its a lot like Battle Pass, something I have heard is in other online games. I can say my first impression of it is that it seems more geared toward players who enjoy pvp and I still haven’t done any pvp because I’m not sure how well my crappy wifi can handle it.

This week one of my dailies for the Galactic Seasons is killing insectoids on Balmorra so I’ve been farming that every day this week. I like doing rampage so it gives me an excuse to go to a planet that I rarely go to. I’ve been doing it by myself most of the time, but a few players have invited me to team up with them so we’re not competing with each other.

The Dark Descent flashpoint was disappointingly short compared to The Spirit of Vengeance and it came as an unexpected yet welcome surprise that Darth Malgus was not captured at the end. I was half afraid they would try to wrap up his story quickly so I’m glad he’s still at large in the galaxy some where. I am especially eager to discover what his plan is after stealing the artifact from Dantooine and a tome from the Ossus Library.

I played the new flashpoint on my bounty hunter and thought the conversation between him and Darth Krovos was cool. Usually the antagonist seeks a confrontation with your character so it was refreshing to see him reach out to someone else, especially given their history.

Darth Rivix is also shaping up to be a potential problem. When he was first introduced I had a fan girl moment when I recognized his voice as Fenris from Dragon Age. He’s an interesting addition to the alliance and I definitely don’t trust him. He seems too smooth and calm for a Sith. Since my bounty hunter is a saboteur I’ve been making mostly light side decisions and when I told him to let Captain Meinar go he ignored me and killed him anyway. I found his response hilarious when you confront him about it. He is up to something, so I’ll be keeping an eye on him and make sure he always goes first so he doesn’t stab me in the back.

I haven’t played the flashpoint on light side yet because I want to experience it for the first time on my main Jedi and she’s currently on The Eternal Throne expansion. I’m trying to get her through it as quickly as possible so I can get her caught up. I actually intended to have her caught up with the story before The Dark Descent came out, but I became distracted playing another game.

I’ve been playing the expansions on vet mode for the first time and it’s not nearly as hard as I expected it would be. Some of the boss fights are different, though pretty easy to figure out. I honestly expected the fight with Arcann to be harder. In spite of his new moves I still finished the fight very quickly.

I’m hoping to have her finish the rest of the expansions within a week so stay tuned for my thoughts on the flashpoint from the light side.

–Chash Larol

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