Ode To Be A Force User

I saw this tweet from someone talking about one of the biggest failures in Star Wars was making people think that force users had to come from a powerful lineage in order to be powerful. I kind of agree with this statement. I know when we think of powerful force users our minds immediately go to the Skywalker family because they are the lineage. But what if there was someone who came from a powerful lineage and turned out to be a big disappointment because their force sensitivity was practically non-existent? Imagine for a moment how the Skywalker saga would have ended if Luke had no force sensitivity?

Well, in Swtor we get to see that concept through Theron Shan.

Theron is the son of Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan, direct descendant of Bastila Shan, wife of Revan. Imagine having an impressive lineage like that and then finding out that you won’t be following in your ancestors footsteps? For the most part Theron seems okay with how his life turned out. He even went so far as to say that things worked out just fine for him after he left the Jedi Order.

But let’s speculate here for a moment and take the time to really consider what life was like for Theron. His mother gave him away to be raised by Jedi Master Ngani Zho. He didn’t know who his father was until later in life and as we can see in the expansions he has a strained relationship with both of his parents and yet he still cares for them in his own way. He was raised in the Jedi Order because it was assumed he would be force sensitive and when it became apparent he was not, he was asked to leave. He went on to join the Republic Strategic Information Service and from that point on began a rather impressive career.

The question is why did he choose to join the SIS?

Imagine if Obi-Wan and Yoda had come to Luke and said, We need you to fix what your Dad has broken. And then they realized they had pinned all their hopes on someone who wasn’t force sensitive and probably would have been pounded into the floor by Darth Vader in their first fight. They would have looked at each other, shrugged and then Yoda would have said, Another one there is, and they would have gone off to find Leia. I can’t imagine Luke would be feeling the love at this point.

The two situations aren’t quite the same for Luke and Theron. There was no big bad that needed to be dealt with immediately. There wasn’t a shortage of Jedi running around and Luke was force sensitive so they didn’t need to go find his sister. But to continue speculating here there were probably a lot of expectations put on Theron as he grew up in the Jedi Order because of who his mother was and the lineage he had inherited.

If nothing else a sense of responsibility and loyalty to the Republic was instilled in him during his time in the Jedi Order so it becomes easy to understand why he joined the SIS. I think for the most part Theron was fine with not being a Jedi, but I also believe he felt the need to prove himself since his career as a Jedi didn’t pan out. He had to prove (to himself at least) that he could help save the galaxy in spite of not being force sensitive, which is why he’s so driven and willing to put himself at risk for the greater good.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why Theron is one of the best characters in Swtor. He embodies all the best traits in a person who is not gifted in the force and yet still makes a difference.

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